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With a highly specialized team and experience gained in the course of more than 100 successful transition assignments, we ensure security and stability in all phases of your workforce-restructuring projects. We offer you immediate and comprehensive support to ensure careful planning and smooth project execution – on time and on budget. We do this by applying our expertise in all of the relevant areas, including business management, business law, controlling and IT.

Our goal is to allow you to boldly chart your course into the future, knowing that you have the best possible team at your side. We rely on proactive and thoroughgoing dialogue to secure vital cohesion throughout the restructuring phase. Using tools of internal and employer branding, we protect the future viability of your enterprise and enhance your appeal as an employer on a competitive labor market, both for existing and new employees with the skills you need.

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On time and on budget ...

To ensure timely and financially secure workforce restructuring, we rely on care­ful preparation and our H+K risk audit. This includes considering risks and oppor­tunities from different perspectives, eva­lua­ting alternative courses of action and implementing our specialized IT solutions to secure a smooth and flexible project execution.

... safeguarding the future

You need your best possible team for a successful transition. Clear communi­ca­tion and a smart HR strategy will allow you to retain your key performers and safeguard the future of your enterprise after the restructuring process. Our ex­perts know how to take the lead and offer you optimal support throughout the re­structuring process.

Assignment: acquisition integration, workforce restructuring and transformation Mechanical-engineering company with 4,500 employees

To help ensure the seamless integration of a strategic acquisition, we need to eliminate redundancies and adapt the organizational structures for optimal alignment to current market requirements.

Facing overcapacities and rising costs in the mechanical-engineering sector, our client acquired the global business unit of a competitor, a move that made it essential to integrate a new business unit into an existing unit. Strategic decisions on target processes and organizational structures, as well as the conti­nuation of certain technologies, needed to be made …

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Assignment: restructuring – private equity Automotive with 3,800 employees

Imminent liquidity crisis. Incorrect application of the selection process for terminating employment contracts. Several negative employment protection judgements: we must do something quickly and purposefully to avoid the situation getting worse.

Due to the crisis 300 employees must be dismissed. The social criteria which formed the basis of the selection process was the result of a compromise reached between the board and the works council and was inherently incorrect resulting in a series of court cases: The climate between management and works council was dominated by hardened fronts and agitation, on top of that the managing director of HR became unavailable at short notice.

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Assignment: merger & acquisitions BPO industry with 5,000 employees

We find ourselves in the middle of a bidding process. For a successful conclusion we need a convincing personnel concept.

In the middle of the tender process: The take-over of the service section of a German subsidiary. Due to new technology the number of staff should be drastically reduced. The bidder was looking for specialists with experience in HR due diligence and with knowledge of near shore outsourcing solutions.

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Assignment: restructuring Construction supply industry with 450 employees

The price war in our branch compels us to make further redundancies, the works council fights on all fronts. Good cooperation though is essential also after completion of the necessary measures.

The price war in the industry caused the long term crisis which now was affecting the heart of the company – tool manufacturing. Employees and works council were fighting on all fronts and the HR director was out of his depth in this situation. Trustful cooperation with the works council was out of the question at this point in time …

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Assignment: merger & acquisitions Shipping company with 2,800 employees

As part of the sale we must make massive staff reductions which the buyer is demanding be done promptly. The operational process must be optimised whilst maintaining normal production.

Following a take-over, the integration of the new subsidiary into the concern was imminent, during which staffing levels had to be reduced by 1,000 jobs. The works councils refused any form of cooperation and threatened protests to draw public attention, potentially causing considerable damage to the reputation of the company …

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Assignment: restructuring Print and media industry with 650 employees

Our long-established company is threatened by a very real crisis. Without a significant contribution from the staff we aren’t going to survive.

The company was used to being successful but was hit hard by the changes in the market. Steady innovations and quality leadership simply couldn’t compensate the overcapacity and price erosion in the market. From a lack of success a full-blown liquidity crisis was threatening to follow. The owners recognised the danger and decided in favour of tough restructuring …

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